Wednesday, August 16, 2017

August 2017 Newsletter

God’s Work in Dulce, NM

Our team visit to Dulce to help lead Vacation Bible School at Dulce Baptist Church reminded me that our mission field begins where we live, and right here in our state there are so many people who don’t know who Jesus is, nor what He has done for them. The spiritual and visible needs are evident here, but God is working here through His people.

We taught the children truths from the gospel that can change their lives, and they responded. Ten children prayed to receive Jesus this week in Vacation Bible School. Some of the parents also came to the church for supper and worship, and God planted seeds of truth and hope through the sharing of His Word and the testimonies. Dulce has had some difficult times and things are changing, but we are very hopeful for the church there because we can see God’s hand of grace on them.

There are even bigger plans for next summer, and we hope to return to help the new pastor and the people to carry on the work. Prayer is key, because only God can bring the change and life that is needed. There is little to support His kingdom work here in the way of material or people, but God’s people have great big hearts and it was evident in the openness and the blessing of this special week for children. Thanks for supporting the work with your prayers, your baking, and your going with us.

-Pastor Charles Lord

Memorize Scripture
And Jesus came up and spoke to them, saying, “All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”

Matthew 28:18-20 (NASB)

Reaching the Nations at the Grand Canyon

On our mission trip, we achieved many goals as a youth ministry. One of our goals was teaching students how to share their faith with confidence. Even those that did not go to the Grand Canyon but attended the 2-day training learned how to share the hope that they have in Christ.

Many of our students, though having come from great Christian homes, did not know how to share their testimonies. We went over that and for some it was the first time they actually got their story of salvation ordered out.

For some students, the trip was eye opening to the fact that God has gifted them with an ability to share the Good News. They discovered a newfound fervor to make Jesus known among all nations. The sweetest part for me was seeing the students be obedient even when they were terrified initially. They stepped out in faith and started conversations with complete strangers, even starting conversations with people who spoke very little English.

We have much to be proud about when it comes to the VGCYM. Knowing they now have some tools to clearly articulate the Gospel is one of the many things I am thankful for the opportunity to teach them.

-Michael Harding

Showing God’s Love in Peru

I spent a week in Peru with the sweetest, kindest, toughest kids. I went on this trip last year as well, but this time I think I observed and learned more than before. I am so grateful to this church for supporting me; without you I wouldn’t have been able to afford to go.

I had the pleasure of working with the “Pukklay Niñas” – the youngest group of girls there, whom I worked with last year as well. These girls ranged from ages 3 to 5. We taught them about the Good Samaritan story and since they are so young, we mostly did crafts, snacks and free play. We brought them blocks, puzzles, play-dough, water colors, and coloring books. We had them memorize a bible verse that was along with the theme of the week, “Woven.” We watched a  Peru vs. US soccer game (we always lose), had a fiesta, and taught them how to take care of each other (hence the Band-Aids all over their faces).

I learned so much about patience, how it doesn’t matter if you speak Spanish or not, and I realized how much we complain! These girls have a hard life ahead of them, and I am incredibly lucky to have seen them twice in a year. It made my heart so happy to see these girls remember my name and the love I showed them a year ago.

-Madison McCoy

August Calendar Event Details

 · August 2, 9, 16, 23, 30— Prayer Meeting, 6pm @VGC
· August 2, 9, 16, 23, 30— Men’s Study, 7pm-8:30pm @ VGC, led by Pastor Charles
· August 3, 10, 17, 24, 31— Worship Practice, 6pm-7pm @ VGC
· August 5— Men’s Breakfast, 8am-10am @ VGC, please RSVP with Tom Meluso (
· August 6, 13, 20, 27— 8:30am Service @ VGC, coffee fellowship @ 8am
· August 6, 13, 20, 27— 10:30am Service @ VGC, coffee fellowship @ 10am
· August 6, 13, 20, 27— Youth Service, 5pm-7pm @ VGC
· August 13— Back-to-School Block  Party, 2pm-5pm @ VGC, FREE school supplies, food, drinks, kids jumper and lots of fun!, school supplies donations needed, please drop off @ church, volunteers to work block party needed, please contact Gayle DeRose if interested in volunteering (
· August 19— Engage Women’s Conference, 9am-12:30pm @ Albuquerque First Baptist Church (4101 Paseo Del Norte NW, Albuquerque), FREE event sponsored by CBA Women’s    Networking Group, registration begins @ 8:30am, topics include helping women learn life skills to live independently, freedom from human trafficking, prison ministry, Biblical counseling, how to promote your activities with all generations, and others, please contact Sheryl Stewart if   interested in attending and carpooling (

Thursday, July 20, 2017

July 2017 Newsletter

Quest Sports Camp Review

Quest Sports Camp, which was held at the Vista Grande Community Center in early June, was a huge success! Not only was Quest a success in the number of children who attended, but also, and most importantly, in the presence of the Holy Spirit and unity amongst the volunteers and staff of the center. Our Christian Challenge college students were dedicated and joyful in their task of herding, teaching, and modeling the love of God to the 75 children who participated.
It couldn't have happened without the 30 committed volunteers who came and worked all 4 days with positive attitudes and patience for every child. Huge kudos, once again, to our awesome students in the youth ministry. They participated in the sports (basketball, soccer, and archery), and developed relationships with many of the children. We had some hot and long days and they stayed on task--huge thanks to all of you! 
The biggest praise goes to Almighty God for moving in the hearts of many children who committed their lives to following Jesus. Hallelujah!! When Pastor Charles asked the children to stand if they wanted to know more on how to put their faith in our Savior, the response was startling. Groups of 3 to 8 children being counseled were spread around the gymnasium praying and believing. It brought tears of joy to my eyes! 
Thank you, STORM, for blessing us with your presence and gift of puppetry; thank you, Hunter Harlan and Pastor Charles, for your gift of worship; thank you, Christian Challenge students, for your teaching; and thank you, registration staff, for keeping the sign-in/sign-out of participants flowing as smoothly as possible. 
God was in this outreach; thank you to every one of you who prayed for its success. We need to thank God with joyful hearts for trusting Vista Grande Church with this incredible task and fulfilling every need and every heart with His presence.

-Gayle DeRose

Is Jesus Worth It?

To some, Africa is too far a step to serve God.  To many Africans, Africa is too far a step to serve God. But as a Christian who has heard the Great Commission, not going or not sending is not an adequate answer.
Jake and I were blessed with an opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus in Mozambique for two weeks. We got to see a view of Mozambique that I am sure many do not get to see.  If you were at church on June 18th, the Sunday after we both got back from our trip, you heard some stories and were encouraged to step out in faith, be lights in this world, and to set it ablaze for Jesus. If you missed it, our message is on the church website under “Sermons.”
In the time that I have had to process our trip, one thing has become abundantly clear: being obedient to Jesus normally means laying aside our pre-conceived notions of what it means to serve Him. John Piper says, "Missions exist because worship doesn't.” If we let that settle in, then the picture we see is not one of dread, but one of anticipation to take the Gospel of Jesus to all nations.
Can you say with your life that Jesus is worth it? What are you holding back from God?

-Michael Harding

July Calendar Event Details

· July 1—Youth Ministry Yard Sale Fundraiser, 8am-3pm @ VGC
· July 1—Men’s Breakfast, 8am-10am @ VGC, please RSVP with Tom Meluso (
· July 2, 9, 16, 23, 30—8:30am Service @ VGC, coffee fellowship @ 8am
· July 2, 9, 16, 23, 30—10:30am Service @ VGC, coffee fellowship @ 10am
· July 2, 9, 23, 30—Youth Service, 5pm-7pm @ VGC
· July 5, 12, 19, 26—Prayer Meeting, 6pm @VGC
· July 5, 12, 19, 26—Men’s Study, 7pm-8:30pm @ VGC, a walkthrough of the book of James led by Pastor Charles
· July 6, 13, 20, 27—Worship Practice, 6pm-7pm @ VGC
· July 10-16—Youth Ministry Grand  Canyon Mission Trip, first two days spent locally focusing on evangelism training, remaining days spent at the Grand Canyon sharing the Gospel with fellow tourists
· July 23-27—Dulce Mission Trip, volunteers will help host VBS for children on the reservation
· July 27—Storehouse Mobile Pantry @ A Montoya Elementary School, time TBD, volunteers needed, contact Sheryl Stewart for details (sheryl@barry

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

June 2017 Newsletter

Feed the Kids in the News!

KOB-TV sponsors a program called Pay It 4Ward where New Mexicans nominate people they think are going above and beyond to help others in their community to make New Mexico a better place. Our Feed the Kids liaison and VGC member, Sheryl Stewart, was nominated and chosen for the Pay It 4Ward award for the week of May 23rd!

A ministry friend of Sheryl’s surprised her by nominating Feed the Kids for the Pay It 4Ward award. The $400 placed in Sheryl’s shaking hands will go a long way to helping start new connections of churches and schools this fall. The reporter referred people to the KOB website for more information and we are hopeful many will go there to learn more and donate.
To watch the news clip, please visit the church’s Facebook page at

Wednesday Nights at VGC

With the spring semester in the rearview mirror and summer already in full swing, there are a few changes made to the Wednesday night schedule at VGC.
Prayer Meeting will now begin at 6pm in the worship area. From 6pm to 7pm, those who attend will be lifting up the petitions and praises of our brothers and sisters here at VGC and around the world.
Following Prayer Meeting, the VGC Men’s study meets starting at 7pm. The VGC Men’s study just completed the book, “Epic,” by John Eldredge and will now begin a walkthrough of the book of James. In addition to a book study, the VGC men also spend time in fellowship and accountability.
If you have any questions about either one of these weekly events, please contact Pastor Charles at 505-206-3210.

Mozambique Missions Team

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Want to know how to effectively pray for Mike and Jake during their final days in Mozambique? Here is their Prayer Card with an itinerary! They are 8 hours ahead of MST, so before you go to bed you can be praying for them as they are waking up for another day of ministry!

Vista Sisters Spring Recap

The Vista Sisters are taking a vacay for the summer!
We finished our spring semester with a Tea Party for our May breakfast, “Fill My Cup.” Sara Ghormley gave a great devotional that reminds us we do many things but we do nothing without Him. Also, Maggie sang a few songs including the song “Fill My Cup, Lord,” which was a wonderful fit for our theme. What a treat! The food was beautiful, abundant, and delicious. Other breakfast activities throughout the semester included figuring out our fashion and makeup season/color with Connie Martin in March and making Easter napkin rings with Carolyn King in April.
The summer is our time to rest and refuel; we’ll be back to our monthly breakfasts in September (the 2nd Saturday of each month). So, mark your calendars for breakfast at 9:30am. Friends and family are always welcome. Thank you for your support and participation. 
Daytime Bible Study will also restart in September. The study details will be announced later this summer.
In the meantime, if you have any questions about the Vista Sisters Women’s Ministry, please contact Sheryl Stewart, Christie Lord, Karla Davis, or Anna Buster.

June Calendar Event Details

· Jun 1, 8, 15, 22, 29—Worship Practice, 6pm-7pm @ VGC
· Jun 3—Men’s Breakfast, 8am-10am @ VGC, please RSVP with Tom Meluso (
· Jun 3—Church Property Storage Clean-up, 10am-12pm, meet @ church to carpool over to church property, please RSVP with Tom Meluso (vista
· Jun 4, 11, 18, 25—8:30am Service @ VGC, coffee fellowship @ 8am
· Jun 4, 11, 18, 25— 10:30am Service @ VGC, coffee fellowship @ 10am
· Jun 4—QUEST Volunteers Meeting, 3:30pm @ VGC, please contact Gayle DeRose with questions (
· Jun 4, 11, 25—Youth Service, 5pm-7pm @ VGC
· Jun 5, 6, 7, 8—QUEST Sports Camp, 9am-3pm @ Vista Grande Community Center; soccer/basketball/archery plus Bible stories/skits/songs for children who’ve completed K-5th grades; $15 per child
· Jun 7, 14, 21, 28—Prayer Meeting, 6pm @ VGC
· Jun 7, 14, 21, 28—Men’s Study, 7pm-8:30pm @ VGC, a walkthrough of the book of James led by Pastor Charles
· Jun 10—Highway Clean-up, 8am-10am @ parking lot north of Talking Talons Thrift Store, please RSVP with Tom Meluso (vista880m
· Jun 22—Storehouse Mobile Pantry @ A Montoya Elementary School, time TBD, volunteers needed, contact Sheryl Stewart for details (

Friday, May 12, 2017

May 2017 Newsletter

Quest Sports Camp Update

We will be hosting Quest Sports Camp at the Vista Grande Community Center June 5th-8th, 8am-3pm each day. This outreach event is for children who have completed grades K-5th; cost is $15 per child. The camp  focuses on teaching children basketball and soccer skills, drills and games, as well as introducing them to archery. The camp also includes Bible lessons, skits, and songs.
Since we are hosting this outreach, we need as many volunteers as possible! This is the third year we have offered Quest and last year we had over 60 children attend! There are currently 27 children pre-registered and more are expected! 
There are many different areas that need volunteers in order to make Quest a success. If you are available to volunteer during the week, the most obvious need is for people willing to help the children with basketball, soccer, and archery. Even if you don’t have skills in those sports, we can still use your help watching the children and helping them move from one activity to the next. If you are able to volunteer during the week and are more of a behind-the-scenes person, we will also need help with registration and handing out snacks and water bottles throughout the day.
If you are unable to volunteer during the week of Quest, we still need your help! Most importantly, we would appreciate your commitment to praying for the kids attending Quest and the volunteers working with them. We are also in great need of snack and water bottle donations! Requested snacks include fruit snacks, cheese sticks, granola bars, and individual bags of crackers. Please be sure that the snacks do not contain nuts. As for water bottles, the 8oz bottles worked well for the kids and reduced waste because the kids were more likely to finish their waters. You can also make monetary donations for snacks and water. Please annotate “Quest” on your check or envelope before placing in the Agape Box.
If you are interested in volunteering for Quest, please contact Gayle DeRose at or 505-449-8705. If you are interested in making snack/water donations, please contact Cyndi Leavitt at leavitt.cynthia or 916-747-3516.

Mozambique Mission Trip

Jake Flaming and I chose Mozambique because, from our understanding and research, there are still entire groups of people living there who don't know Jesus and have had no access to the Gospel. Our trip is planned for May 23rd through June 9th. 
We will be based in the capital city of Maputo and be helping with a mission point about an hour outside of Maputo. We will also be traveling to share the Gospel with an unreached and unengaged people group about 5 hours away from Maputo. We have also been asked to teach a discipleship class with the local church. 
Currently, we still need $2800 to cover our trip. Please prayerfully consider supporting us monetarily to help us reach our goal. Donations can be given to Jake or myself. 
We ask that you please pray that we are sensitive to the Holy Spirit's prompting to share the Gospel and that we are able to communicate it clearly to those who have never heard the name of Jesus. Pray that we maintain the great team unity that we have and that we be filled with a supernatural energy to be urgent with our opportunities to share Jesus.
-Michael Harding

The Forgotten Initiative Update

The Forgotten Initiative is pleased to announce that 37 families received the gospel message this Valentines/Easter! Thank you to those who invested in these gifts and those who prayed that the message would sink in deep to impact these families for eternity!
Currently we are cleaning the toy room monthly. If you would like to donate your time, cleaning takes place once a month on Thursday mornings. You can choose the Thursday and it takes about 1-2 hours to complete. Youth and children are welcome to serve in this way! Please let Cyndi Leavitt or myself know if you would like to help with this project. Also, donations are welcome to cover costs of about 4-8 birthday and discharge parties each month. Cupcake baking is appreciated too!  Cupcakes are often needed short-notice. Monetary donations are needed to cover the costs of age-appropriate Christian books/Bibles and special drinks/food. Checks can be made to The Forgotten Initiative with "Albuquerque" in the Memo line and given to me.
Please continue to pray for the families and children we serve. The children at The BAIR Foundation have gone through very extreme situations to be placed in treatment foster care. The neglect and abuse is long-lasting and needs the touch of the Great Physician for healing. Please pray for the workers that they will be able to help these children in effective ways and not burn out. 
-Jen Bartz

“Follow the Son” Bible Clubs Update

 Only through the power of God and following His plan could such an incredible evangelical opportunity open up in the public schools. A retired school teacher, Gail Salazar, is passionate about sharing Jesus with children. And that passion and obedience led to over 720 children hearing the Gospel of Jesus Christ this year. Her passion spread through the hearts of many volunteers who participated in over 15 schools hosting Bible clubs. Some schools are supportive and want us there, others are hesitant but God does what He does and there we are, loving them!
There are 5 of us from Vista Grande Church who participate and either lead a club or volunteer as helpers. It’s heart warming and an honor to help lead a child in a simple prayer wanting Jesus to be their Savior. These are children who have never heard the name of Jesus except maybe as a swear word. And then, we get to disciple them, answer their questions and help solidify their faith on a weekly basis. They feel the love of Jesus through the commitment of every volunteer, through the smiles, but mostly through hearing the word, memorizing the word, and singing praises to Jesus!
This year, “Follow the Son” was able to start clubs in Kennedy Middle School and add a second club to Roosevelt Middle School’s lunch hour. This is an open field of children who are asking the hard questions, are skeptical but curious, are resistant but seeking. Most have never heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ. When one such as this makes a commitment to Jesus and repents, it’s heartwarming to know their lives will never be the same. They will not have to face the hardship of adolescence alone. The Holy Spirit is there to guide them and help them overcome loneliness and insecurity. And then they come, weekly, learning more about this Jesus and His unconditional love!
-Gayle DeRose

Feed the Kids Update

God certainly works all the details and this one is another of those jaw-dropping “What!” moments. A former Moriarty Elementary School (MES) student is now a senior at UNM and as their Communications senior project they had to choose something to do as a service project. She suggested the Feed the Kids program at MES. She knew there was already a  program established and they chose a food drive that ranged from CA to NM — (This is an online class so participation was a wider range than local.).
This week they delivered over 500 food items to the school. We were impressed with their interest in all the details of how FTK works as well as their continued hope to keep serving wherever they are. God is good — ALL the time!
-Sheryl Stewart

May Calendar Event Details

 · May 1—Leavitt LIFE Group, 6pm-8pm @ Leavitt home
· May 3, 10, 17, 24, 31—Prayer Meeting/Dinner, 5:30pm-6:15pm prayer and 6:15pm-6:55pm dinner @ VGC
· May 3, 10, 17, 24 — “Epic” Men’s Study, 7pm-8:30pm @ VGC
· May 4, 11, 18, 25—Worship Practice, 6pm-7pm @ VGC
· May 6—Men’s Breakfast, 8am-10am @ VGC, please RSVP with Mike Harding (mharding2@liberty. edu)
· May 7, 14, 21, 28—8:30am Service @ VGC, coffee fellowship @ 8am
· May 7, 14, 21, 28— 10:30am Service @ VGC, coffee fellowship @ 10am
· May 7, 14, 21, 28—Youth Service, 5pm-7pm @ VGC
· May 10, 24—Feed the Kids, 10am-12pm @ First Baptist Tijeras
· May 13—Memorial for Tito Manzanares, 11am @ First Baptist Tijeras
· May 20—Vista Sisters Breakfast, 9:30am-11:30am @ VGC, please RSVP with Sheryl Stewart ( or Christie Lord (crickandchas@
· May 25—Storehouse Mobile Pantry, 2:15pm-5pm @ A Montoya Elementary School, volunteers needed, contact Sheryl Stewart for details

April 2017 Newsletter

Inviting Others to Church This Easter

Here are 7 ways that you can invite your friends, neighbors, and family members to church with you this Easter!
1. Pray for them by name, before inviting them.
2. Pair the invitation with food or hospitality.
3. In some appropriate cases, offer to pick them up at their house that morning and ride to church together. 
4. Be contagious. Are you expectant, and praying for Easter   services at our church? Do you believe God could use us to reach people who don’t know Christ?
5. Have compassion toward their insecurities about church. 
6. Use social media to fish for some who may be interested or seeking.
7. Ask God to use you to invite and reach out for His name’s sake, and to be a blessing by inviting people to Jesus.

Feed The Kids Fundraiser 5K

Come to the east side of the mountains for a 5k fun run and 1 mile walk in the fresh air to support Feed the Kids!
Race takes place on Saturday, April 22nd, 9am, at Roosevelt Middle School in Tijeras. Race fee is $35. All proceeds from the race go to purchasing food for local kids. For information on race registration and complete details on the day’s events go to
Online race registration is through If you don’t have access to Facebook you can email Rose Alexa at to receive a registration form and address to send race registration fees.
Race package pick-up will be Friday, April 21st, at FBC Tijeras between 4:00pm & 7:00pm. Register before April 12th to receive a free t-shirt!

Inviting Others to Christ This Season

1. When someone asks, “How are you today?” Reply, “If I were any better, I would have to be sedated!” (Then smile!) What’s it about? Relationship to Christ that changes my life.
2. Smile more to get conversations started. A real smile starts inside, and as you go throughout the day, think about God’s love for you and others.  
3. Ask a question about family, friends, and then faith. 
4. Assume that everyone has a interest and need for God. They have at least one, sometimes both. And ask them about their faith, “can you tell me about your religion", and how they found out “about God.” A conversation about truth can happen even if they don’t know the truth, and listening to them not only starts a conversation, but helps you to know how to speak truth toward where they are at.
5. Appeal to our greatest message. God is love, and He has come near to you, and many others in Christ. 
6. Ask a question based on the annual TIME covers to start a conversation about the truth. “Did you read that…?” What do you think about that?
7. Appeal to the time of year, and holidays. Will you go to church this Easter? Spring reminds me of new life, and God’s good news…”. Statements like this will either begin a conversation, or not. It’s not our job to open a heart, but to find open hearts by asking.

VGC Youth Missions Trip

This summer, the VGC teens are headed to the Grand Canyon on a missions trip! The Grand Canyon is one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World and nearly five million people from all around the world visit it each year. What a unique opportunity we have to share the Gospel with all nations!
If you are a student who has completed 6th-12th grade, we’d love to have you join us! Not sure how to share your faith? No worries! We will provide a few days of evangelism training to help you get comfortable sharing. Training will be July 10th and 11th here in the East Mountains and we will spend July 12th-16th at the Grand Canyon. The cost of the trip is still to be determined.
Want to help the teens get to the Grand Canyon? Fundraising will begin shortly! Stay tuned for more information.
If you have any questions about the trip, please contact Mike Harding at 505-382-7157 or

Calendar Event Details

· Apr 1—Men’s Breakfast, 8am-10am @ VGC, please RSVP with Tom Meluso (
· Apr 1, 8—2:7 Discipleship Class, led by Stan McCoy @ VGC
· Apr 2, 9, 16, 23, 30—8:30am Service @ VGC, coffee fellowship @ 8am
· Apr 2, 9, 16, 23, 30— 10:30am Service @ VGC, coffee fellowship @ 10am
· Apr 2—2:7 Discipleship Class, led by Fred Woodfin @ VGC
· Apr 2, 9, 23, 30—Youth Service, 5pm-7pm @ VGC
· Apr 3, 10, 17, 24—Leavitt LIFE Group, 6pm-8pm @ Leavitt home
· Apr 5, 12, 19, 26—Prayer Meeting/Dinner, 5:30pm-6:15pm prayer and 6:15pm-6:55pm    dinner @ VGC
· Apr 5—Israel Study, 7pm-8pm @ VGC, led by Alice Kraft
· Apr 5, 19, 26—College & Young  Careers LIFE Group, 6:30pm-8:30pm @ Harding home
· Apr 6, 13, 20, 27—Worship Practice, 6pm-7pm @ VGC
· Apr 6— STORM “Countdown to Easter” Puppet Show, 6:30pm @ Good Shepherd Lutheran in Edgewood
· Apr 7—Young At Heart Spring Concert, 2pm and 7pm @ Sandia Baptist in ABQ ($15), meals @ 11:30am and 5pm ($10), purchase tickets at yahconnie@
· Apr 8—Vista Sisters Breakfast, 9:30am-11:30am @ VGC, please RSVP with Sheryl Stewart ( or Christie Lord (
· Apr 12, 26—Feed the Kids, 10am-12pm @ First Baptist Tijeras
· Apr 13— STORM “Countdown to Easter” Puppet Show, 6pm @ Monterrey Baptist in ABQ
· Apr 22—Young Lives Ablaze Evangelism Conference, 9:30am-3pm @ Eastern Hills Baptist in ABQ, for students 3rd-6th grades, $30 before 4/7 and $35 after 4/7, contact Gayle DeRose for details (deyellow
· Apr 22—Feed the Kids 5K/Walk, 9am @ Roosevelt Middle School in Tijeras, fee is $35, register @
· Apr 27—Storehouse Mobile Pantry, 2:15pm-5pm @ A Montoya Elementary School, volunteers needed, contact Sheryl Stewart for details